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 Yeshiva Gedola Merkaz Hatorah


Roshei HaYeshiva


Rabbi S. Zeffren


About us


The Yeshiva aims to provide its students with an intensive Hebrew and secular educational program. Our goal is to imbue our youth with a strong foundation in Jewish tradition, law, culture and history.


Upon completion of High School, our students proceed to institutions of higher learning in order to pursue the career of their choice. We are proud that our graduates have succeeded in becoming productive members of society. Our alumni include various professionals and tradesmen such as Rabbis, educators, doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, electricians and carpenters.


We have an enrolment of over 375 students. Our campus includes a full nursery, kindergarten, elementary, high school and Talmudic Law institute. There are approximately 30 students who reside in our dormitory. 70% of our student body requires scholarships, which includes numerous families who cannot afford to pay tuition.


In order for us to continue to provide our community with a high quality educational program, we must upgrade and modernize the following of our facilities:


Lab, Gymnasium, Library, Playground & Computer Room.


The Yeshiva Gedola Merkaz Hatorah is proud of its achievements in creating a Montreal Center for traditional Judaic education combined with general scholastic excellence. Our institution enables Young Orthodox Montrealers and Canadians to remain in our city to be educated locally. This will ensure our continued presence in Quebec society adding to the diverse nature of our magnificent Montreal Jewish community.


We are proud of the fact that a significant portion of our students are from the Sephardic Community reflecting the diversity of our student body.


However, as you can see, in view of the high percentage of families who require assistance for tuition our financial requirements have become increasingly difficult to meet. Therefore, we are broadening our fundraising activities and are making an appeal to the Jewish community for help. Our underlying philosophy has always been to develop outstanding, well-educated leaders and lay members within our community. We are committed to ensure a bright future for our youth. We thank you for helping us achieve this important goal.