We are all part of one community.

At Yeshiva Gedola, we are here to help every Talmid succeed. Strength comes from helping each other, and from supporting each family so we can grow and flourish.
We want to help every child achieve their full potential.

Yeshiva Gedola’s curriculum is tailored for every talmid that walks through our doors. We guide them through their first taste of Alef Bais all the way through the deepest gemara learning. We encourage all our talmidim to excel in their secular studies as well. We believe every child is a seed of success.

It’s never too early to begin learning. Our CPE curriculum teaches our little ones the essentials of learning.They learn their Alef Bais, get introduced to the beginnings of reading, and make friends that can last a lifetime.


Our elementary curriculum enriches our talmidims’ understanding of Yiddishkeit while educating them on secular studies as well. Children are taught to master their Alef Bais and become acquainted with the foundations of Jewish reading. They are introduced to Chumash, Mishna, and the beginnings of Gemorah. 

With our encouragement, children excel in their French and English courses, math, science, history, and gym classes.
We offer two separate Elementary tracks, one with instruction in French and one with instruction in English.


As each child develops, our high school curriculum gives them the guidelines they need to become valuable members of our community. As our teenagers master the courses they were introduced to in elementary, their Jewish studies deepen as well. High school students develop their understanding of Gemorah and discuss the texts with Rebbeim and peers. They are encouraged to learn Jewish readings independently to enrich their knowledge and deepen their understanding. 

We offer two separate High School tracks, one with instruction in French and one with instruction in English. A diploma will be obtained upon completion of High School.

We follow guidelines of the MEES for all coursework.


Our elective, postsecondary education program offers a deeper study of Gemorah. Students are expected to master more complex classes of Gemorah and to develop a rigorous understanding of the texts.


Special Education Program

With the right resources , there’s no limit to how much our talmidim can achieve.

We use and research the latest education processes for all types of learners, including instruction and therapy. We offer testing and early intervention in elementary school so any student can have the necessary support.


For all special education students, we offer an environment that is constructed for their needs. We have resources for children, such as therapy, early childhood intervention, and testing. Teachers have access to professionals in the field of early childhood development and therapy so that every child has a teacher that can support and guide them.


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