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Our History

The Yeshiva Gedola Merkaz Hatorah was founded over 45 years ago by a small group of parents and community members, with the primary objective of providing the opportunity and resources to ensure the finest Jewish education available. With this all – encompassing Jewish education in hand, infused with high level Talmudic and Secular knowledge, our alumni have graduated and continued their lives as successful doctors, professionals, rabbis, teachers, and community leaders, all with the common thread of deep commitment to the Torah way of life.


Our Yeshiva Today:

Today our Yeshiva community has grown, encompassing a large pre - school elementary and high school. In addition, we have a sizable Beis Medrash, post high school program. Our enrollment boasts over 375 students and 75 staff members.

Among our countless educational initiatives, we proudly host a widely renowned special education program. Through the careful intervention of specialized educators, therapists, and social workers, we integrate special needs students into the regular classes and curriculum, while giving them the extra attention they need. We are constantly striving, and succeeding at providing a comfortable and enjoyable Jewish education for all those who wish to have one.

The availability of Jewish education is accessible on many levels. Through our tuition assistance program, over $1,000,000 is made available on an annual basis to families, whom without this support, a Jewish education would simply be out of reach. At Yeshiva Gedola no one is turned away based on financial grounds.

These numbers are both indicative of our tremendous growth and accomplishment, as well as the overwhelming responsibility we share in order to continue our mission.