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Our mission is to provide an excellent education in Limudei Kodesh and secular studies, within a Torah environment.  We emphasize the development of fine character traits, independent learning skills and well-rounded knowledge.  This prepares our students to reach their full potential, develop the leader in each of them in order to become life-long responsible and successful members of the Torah community and the community at large.



  • To teach and instill Torah ideals that will permeate through all aspects of life
  • To instill devotion and desire to life-long Torah learning
  • To develop the potential leader in each student
  • To develop intellectual curiosity in a variety of areas
  • To provide each student with a strong academic program that will enable him to attend any Yeshiva, CEGEP, college or university that he chooses                
  • Instill a sense of responsibility and respect for self and others, including people from different communities
  • Appreciation and understanding of the diverse world we live


How we achieve our mission and objectives:

1.  We have a dedicated and experienced faculty, committed to their students and their own professional development

2.  We offer both Education préscolaire 5 ans, Enseignement au primaire Langue d'enseignement Français as well as Preschool education for 5 year olds, Elementary education (gr. 1 to 6), High school education (gr. 7 to 11) with English as the language of instruction. 


3.  We have a support team which includes a special education department and part-time social worker, speech and language pathologist and occupational therapist

4.  Our students are instillled with a sense of community by actively raising monies for local charities and visiting old-aged homes and other seniors to bring joy into their lives

5.  Participation in many school programs that are offered to schools worldwide

6.  Visits and lectures by well-known educators and speakers


Yeshiva Gedola offers a Jewish and Secular education that leads to a High School diploma from the Minister of Education of Quebec